Thursday, November 4, 2010

Favorite garage sale finds

In the past year or so I have gotten into yard sales and second hand shopping much more. The kids getting bigger and more self sufficent has made this more doable. We live near an "artist colony" so finding art at sales is common. Seems like everyone aroung here has some sort of art and craft talent. Shopping second hand is so much more fun than shopping in department stores, it does take much more time and patience however. But the rewards, as you can see are great and cheap!!!


chisato said...

I especially like the top painting!

Bumble's Bounce said...

Those wooden canister's are AMAZING! I cannot imagine the work put into making them! My husband is a wood I have "some" idea.... Whoa.

Butts said...

The cannisters are so beautiful. From what I can see they seem to be domestically made, not sure if they were made locally but I really appreciate the workmanship too, my hubby dabbles in wood working as well. And they were only $15!!!! A steal in my mind. I paid $18 or less for everything in this post, only $2 for the trunk at the ReStore!