Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend with northern family

We live in the middle of our families. Unfortunately in the middle still puts us 4 hour from both sides. My parents live 4 hours to the south in KY and the hubbies family lives 4 hours to the north in Northern IN. This weekend we went north. Thought I'd sare a few scenes from the weekend.

The kids watching "Happ" doing his taxidermy.

Sandhill Cranes coming into Jasper Pulaski State Fish and Wildlife Area. This is right on the way so we love to stop and visit to see them during migration.

Many windmills have been put up in White Co. IN. They look very alien on the open farm ground, but they are a sustainable and readily available source of energy.

Notice how much bigger they are than a house. HUGE!

My sister-in-law and my nephew.

My little neice just turned 1. Look at those cheeks!!

First ice cream cone!

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