Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Full of Blessings

We travel south to see my family then we traveled north to see his family. We had a great time everywhere we went and got to see almost all our family and some friends. I really didn't want anything for Christmas but was given some great gifts. Jeremy's parents gave all of the couples a night at a local bed and breakfast while she watched all (except the newest baby) 9 kids!! Then my Aunt Linda surprised me with a sewing machine!!! All I wanted was everyone to have a great Christmas and I got my wish!
Christmas with southern family (KY).

Christmas at home.

Brayden's favorite gift!

Christmas with northern family (Northern IN). Brayden and cousin Maddie were twins

Drew "Bear" in his bear gear!

Brenna and Abby wearing the shirts that Abby designed for her school.
All the kids decorated gingerbread houses that Aunt Kate and Uncle AJ made for them.

Brayden's first time ice skating. We were able to skate, sled and ice fish at Jeremy's parents pond.
Brenna skating with her Grandad.

Jackie with the only catch of the day!

Livy lost her 9th tooth!

Sweet Sophie
Sweet Baby Natalie.

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