Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thinking of my WWII connections on Pearl Harbor Day

Both of my grandfathers were in World War II. I know my mother's father was in the infantry and was shot and thus sent home. I really don't know a lot of his story but would like to know more. My dad's father was also in the war and was with the 818th Engineering Division and would lay down runways for airplanes and make bridges, many times behind enemy lines. His suitcase from the war is filled with pictures, maps, cards from home and other memorabilia from his time in Europe. I intend to archive these so that they are preserved and made more access able to our family. I really have no idea where to begin so if anyone has any suggestions or information they could point me to I would be grateful. When I was home a couple of weeks back I took a few pictures, just a sampling of the hundreds of photos that are in the suitcase. I wanted to share these with you on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th. The day the the U.S. was forced to enter the war. I don't agree with war, however I have always felt like this was a war that was a necessary evil to stop Evil. What would our lives today be like if we had not succeeded in doing so?
My Grandaddy's suitcase from the war, with family photos inside. The woman by the tree is my grand mother. She waited 3 years, 3 months and 3 days for him to return from the war. They married when she was 33.

Piles of photos in the suitcase.
A German Police helmet plate. I can't imagine the story that goes with this.

The back of this photo state that it is a crematorium at a concentration camp.

Notice the Nazi airplane in this picture.

The 818th laying down an airplane runway.

I don't think I even need to tell you what this is, horrifying.

My grandaddy in the middle.

This book is full of names and addresses, it would be neat to track them all down.
I would like to do more posts on this subject as I work on the project more, hopefully in the new year. I have some really interesting stories about my grandad's time in the war.

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Cort (Modern Super Momma) said...

Family history like that is so neat! My grandparents saved all sorts of things from their pasts. Best to you as you dig through everything to preserve it for the future!