Friday, December 3, 2010

Too blessed to be stressed

I love the holidays. I love the decorating, parties, events, food, and preparations. However these months can be overwhelming and stressful if you let them be. Especially when you are making presents. I love making presents but sometimes (I know you all never do this) I get so set on making them perfect and getting them done when I think they should be that all the joy of making turns into stressful cursing. (When the kids are in bed or the basement of course!) This year I am being given a lesson in patience and peace as my machine (I know I've already mentioned this) is STILL in the shop. Hoping it will be done today. Anyhoo....I haven't let myself get worked up about it and am focusing on other things. I know I'll get the presents done that require sewing. Maybe they won't be wrapped up and finished a week ahead but who really cares. They will get done and darn it this time I am going to enjoy the process not just the finished product. But I am feeling pretty ahead in other areas. The house is pretty much decorated except for the tree. We hope to get it tomorrow and snow is in the forecast! Perfect! I have most of my cards completed and ready to send off. I have not done much shopping but really only shop for my kids anyway along with a few other odds and ends.

So we really are feeling the Christmas spirit this year and plan to keep it that way! No Bah Humbugs for us!

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