Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Word of the Year

So I don't really get into resolutions. I may informally think, I want to do this or that this year but I don't turn in into a resolution. And why would I wait till the beginning of the year to change something if I need to? All that being said I do like to have a vision and goals for the upcoming year. Last year I started doing word of the year. My word last year was create. I said I would see at the end of the year to see if that really was the word of the year, and I believe it really was. I created lots of things this year, crafts, foods, canned goods. I did notice that in the midst of all this creating that my reading took a serious hit. So I'd really like to read more this year. I missed it! As for the word of the year 2011, I have something in mind but need a little more time to make sure this really is the word of the year. Hopefully I'll post my word by the end of the week. What is your word of the year??

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