Monday, January 24, 2011

It's never easy to say goodbye

We ended last week with a few snow days and a birthday party for Brenna's friend Londyn. Little Londyn was so sweet and wanted to have her birthday also be a going away party for Brenna. We weren't sure we were going to make it Brenna had been up all night with a stomach virus and a pretty high fever. An hour before the party was to begin she still had a fever but we were pretty sure she was done puking so we loaded her full of tylenol and went anyway. And I'm glad we did. She perked right up and had a great time at the party. If we hadn't gone we would have both been heart broken.

Last night there was a going away party from Jeremy's work. We had a wonderful turnout and we were so touched that so many came to bid us farewell. I think it shows what a great person my hubby really is. He will be missed and we will miss everyone and this beautiful place. We have been so blessed to call this place home for the last 6 years.

Londyn, Xyleigh and Brenna.

Ballon races, Toby, Jackson, Andino, Kia, Xyliegh and Brenna.

Xyleigh and Brenna doing a balloon race.

We got Londyn a stuffed dog that looked just like her pet dog Ruby and Jackson got Brenna one that looks just like Gus!

Jeremy and his "Little Brother" Jaydon after his basketball game.

Cakes from last nights party.

The whole gang at the party, we were so happy that so many came. We sure will miss you guys! (Love Lily doing the downward dog in front!!)
Brenna and her favorite naturalist, Brittany!!

Us with Bill & Pat, former campground hosts and adoptive grandparents!

The kids with their buddy Lorraine (Brenna calls her Little Rain) and Dalton and Cole.

Brandy and Logan. His shirt said "Eligible Bachelor"!!


Brook said...

I am so glad that you guys were able to make it to the birthday/going away party. That little friend of Brenna's is pretty darn special for sharing her birthday :)

It sure was a wonderful turn out last night. You are a wonderful family and the south-central part of the state will greatly miss you. Corey asked if you will have to rename your blog "Little Blog in the somewhat more fragmented woods".

Bumble's Bounce said...

Talked to Brook today, I was sad for all of hard to find really good friends.... {holding you all in my heart from far away} Wishing you a safe and painless move to your new park!