Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Leaving the Big Woods

6 years 2 children lots of laughs, and a few tears (mostly the kids!) later we are leaving the Big Woods. My husband decided to pursue is dream of actually managing the land for wildlife instead of tourism. So we are leaving state parks and going to fish & wildlife. He's looking forward to much less overtime (unpaid), paper pushing and people managing and a lot more time doing hands on work. We are moving by February so we will be super busy preparing for that. Looks like we are going to get Brenna in the best school in the district and we really like the house (these jobs provide housing since you live on the property). I'll post some pics of it soon.

There are so many people, places and things that we will miss about our beautiful home. We have lived here longer than anywhere since we married. This will be our 4th place that we have lived in Indiana since we got married. We always knew that this would not be where we would stay. We honestly stayed here much longer than I ever expected. We have many goodbyes to say in the next few weeks, many items to pack and many details to arrange. But God is good and we know the plans for us are good!

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chisato said...

It has been nice to have known you a little for 4 of the 6 years...I'm so glad Mark struck up a conversation with you at the playground! I love your beautiful children, still remember smiley Brenna calling me "sato".
Hope you'll keep blogging up north.