Wednesday, January 19, 2011

These are the things that I'll miss

We will miss living somewhat near to Jeremy's grandparents.
We will miss our yard and the split rail fence. I'll always remember the kids setting on it waiting for daddy to come home from work and then running to his truck to help him drive in the driveway.

I will miss our free access to both the indoor and outdoor pools here! :-(

Our house. I really love about 95% of everything about it, and you can't beat the setting.

The overlook in my backyard and all the overlooks in every season but especially fall.

The prolific local aritist and the beautiful landscape they capture. I will miss the hills and log cabins.

Big Woods Brewery, we didn't go there alot due to the no kids rule but loved it just the same.

Our beautiful little village of Nashville, IN and all the wonderful friends we have made here in the last 6 years. Here is Brenna with her best friend Londyn at the annual big wheel race in town.

We will miss the many trails right out the front door. This is what my kids call the "troll bridge" it is only about 1/3 of a mile from our house and we love to walk there and let them pretend, that's my dad peekin over the edge.
We will also greatly miss our church and our pediatrician(thank your for saving our girl's life!) the Toy Chest (I've been told by one of the folks there that I am thier favorite customer! I like to play with the wind up toys!), the free speakers at IU, concerts at the Bluebird in Bloomintgon, the Wonderlab and good times fishing, boating and camping at Lake Monroe. We have had a wonderful life here but now it is time for the next chapter and we can't wait to start writing it.

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