Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exploring in the snow

Brayden playing on a snow pile in front of the house.Hard to tell here but the cattails looked really cool with a thin layer of shimmering ice on them.

The pond just 50 yards out our back yard.

Two cattails stuck together by ice.

Back of our house.

The kids walking down the lane that joins our yard to the pond.
Things are progressing here. I have eliminated boxes from every room except the living room. I won't even talk about the garage and basement!! The kitchen done, bedrooms are 90% done and bathrooms are as well. Still a ways to go on the living room, which is always the lowest priority. I enjoy the process of setting up a new home I thing the hardest part is yet to come. Where to put all the pictures and other decorative items.
Brenna starts school tomorrow. She seems pretty nervous but I'm sure she'll do fine. Seems like from what I read in the weekly newsletter at her new school that she may be a bit behind compared to her new class. She will catch up soon I'm sure. I'm thinking of looking for a preschool for Brayden a few days a week purely for social reasons. I think he needs to be with other kids more, especially since he seems to be a more solitary person. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I'd just like him to be well rounded. Personally I love how well he can occupy himself with no one around, even when others are around he tends to do his own thing and I like that.
We still haven't explored the surrounding community yet due to the snow and busyness of setting up a home but we are looking forward to learning this new place and people.

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