Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gus Returns!!

The kids were thrilled to get their buddy Gus back!
Notice his pink lips from having his nose to the ground hunting for days. He also very ripped up ears and thorns stuck in him everywhere.

Jeremy took Gus hunting the Tuesday before we moved, 6 days before departure. Of course he hit a deer trail and was gone in the middle of nowhere on Hoosier National Forest property. He usually turns up at someone's house within a few days and we get a call since his tags have our number on them. But the call never came. It was very cold and there was snow. Things didn't look good. He's very spry for his age (10.5) but by the 5th day we figured there was no way he was alive, so we moved without him. We hated that he didn't come back but resigned ourselves to the fact that he died doing what he loves, hunting. We moved on Monday Jan 31st, just before a nasty winter storm hit the state. Here we received lots of snow but down south in our previous home they got a lot of ice. On Friday Feb 4th my husband got a call. Our friend Lorraine, who lives near where Gus was lost, and often dog sits him for us, had found him walking up her drive that morning. He was very skinny but happy to see a friendly face. We couldn't believe that after 11 days he had made it!! Jeremy had to return to Brown County for a meeting the next week so he picked him up. The kids were so happy to see him, as were we. He is still skinny and wants to eat all the time. He is getting to stay in for now and get pampered alot, which he is enjoying. Hopefully he will not run off anymore, but then, I guess he just wouldn't be himself if he didn't!!


chisato said...

What a great story. What a tough little guy! For some reason this reminds me of one of my favorite childhood books, "the Incredible Journey."

Butts said...

I agree Chisato. If he could talk and tell us all about it!

Gene and Annie said...

So glad he found his way home!!