Sunday, February 6, 2011

Move in progess

I honestly can't believe how much we were able to accomplish in less than a week. All the rooms are in order with pretty much everything in it's place (for now). Some things may find a new places, but we'll have to try this arrangement for now. We worked hard at putting things up on the walls today pictures, shelves, ect. Basement and garage are still untouched, but who cares, this time of year we spend most of our time here anyway. We are doing so well I am beginning to think about crafting and sewing!! I finally got my craft/sewing/computer/office/entry way room somewhat arranged today. It will be so nice to have all of my crafting and sewing supplies in one place and not scattered throughout the house like at the other house. And having a table dedicated solely for crafts, sewing or homework will keep the dining table cleaned off and avoid any food residue on said crafts or homework! Not to mention the whole trouble of clearing the table to eat while in the middle of a project. Horray! Sewing/Craft room, window looks to the back yard.
Brenna working on the first craft to be made in the new space. A valentine for her mamaw.

Brenna in her new school shirt. The mascot is the Lancers, which thrilled Brenna as they had a sword and shield which are the same colors as the sword and shield she received from Santa!

Last but not least, our dog Gus has been found!!! He went to our friend and dog sitters house and she luckily saw him and took him inside and fed him. She said that he was VERY skinny but hopefully he will recover well. Jeremy has to return to Brown County late next week for a work meeting so he can pick him up then. Hopefully that will give him time to get fattened up.
Thanks to everyone who sent their thoughts and prayers to us in our difficult week last week. The move went extremely well, Brenna healed up quickly and Gus was finally found! God does listen!

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