Thursday, February 3, 2011

Settling in

Kitchen nearly unpacked.

The living room is one of the last things we began working on.

Things are coming together. There has been much progress since these pictures. All the kitchen boxes are empty and have found their new homes. We have all the big pieces of furniture in the places that we want them. Now we are just trying to fill shelves and drawers. Decorations will now happen till next week at the earliest. One thing I am super excited about is that I will have a craft/sewing room!! And it's upstairs and not in the dungeon, I mean basement. I will have to take pictures when I get it in order. We are loving having such a big garage that my car fits into. It was nice not having to clean off the car after the big snow storm. We got about 8 inches of snow and sleet. The wind was the main problem though. There was already about 4 inches on the ground so there is a good foot of snow on the ground. We wanted to take a hike in the woods behind the house yesterday but couldn't find the kids snow boots. We have since found them and plan to get out today.
We also realized the benefits of living near a bit larger town (bigger than Nashville anyway). After not leaving the house for 2 days we all went in and picked up Dominos and a movie from the Redbox! There were no videos available in Nashville except at the library so this was a treat. Not that we will do that kind of thing a lot, but it sure is nice to have the option. We haven't been able to explore the town or surrounding area yet due to the storm but hope to get out soon.
Update: Ok, last week I was at my wit's end with moving and a sick child and a lost dog. Brenna is doing great and ready to go to school, although she is a bit nervous. Her new school has been out due to the snow storm and will hopefully resume tomorrow. She is missing her friends and I caught her setting on the couch looking at a picture of herself and her friend Londyn. Poor girl. But really she seems to be adjusting well. I guess we will see how well once she starts school.
Gus however, never returned. I guess he was protesting the move. I always assumed that our time with Gus would end with him running off, since he was so prone to that. He had run off so many times that every time we expected it to be his last time. Our main concern was the kids reaction but they have been surprisingly ok with it. They have been playing "Gus" and talking about him eating a deer and finding a new home, so I guess they are making their own stories of what they think happened to him. They also asked to get a puppy already!
Life moves on and we with it.

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