Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snowman & Interior Illumination

The snow melted a bit and Jeremy and the kids made a snowman in our front yard. I think every yard looks much happier with a snowman!
We needed all new lights, register covers, smoke alarms and doorbell for the house. So we headed to the store yesterday and came home with a carload of things. Jeremy wasted no time getting to work and replaced 7 light fixtures yesterday. Only two left to go. Brayden and I worked on the new register covers. He proved to be a big help in changing the registers under the beds! He also loved helping dad and handing him things. He is such a helper.

New dining room light. Most of the old lights were both old and hideous!

Before kitchen lights.
After kitchen lights! Notice how the painting is nicely illuminated! We still have to fix the celing here, but HUGE improvement!

Brayden helping Dad.
Picture of Brenna before she went to school this am. I thought she looked so cute, she was very reluctant to have her pic taken, as you can tell!


Brook said...

The house looks great. You guys have made it a home already. You are my heros!

Gene and Annie said...

Love the new lights!! The house looks great and I love seeing pics fo the kids!!