Friday, March 18, 2011

Brayden's 5!

Wowsa, that took forever to post.  I upgraded to the new version of blogger and found it rather interesting to work with. I'm sure I'll adjust.  At least you can copy and paste pictures now! 

All that interesting business aside, my little boy turned 5 on Saturday.  His Grandma decided to have a surprise party for him on Friday night when we arrived there and it was fun for him. He acted shy and embarrassed but he liked it.  We had a great train ride and trip the the Chicago Science & Industry Museum.  So much train stuff there!  We all enjoyed it and had a great family day.

Cake I made for Brayden.

The birthday boy and his cousins, Abby, Drew, baby Natalie, Sammy, Livy, Sister Brenna, and Sophie, Mom and Aunt Tara holding the littles. 

Brayden sportin' the tie shirt I made him. 
Getting ready to depart.
Brayden loved watching the scenery go by as we rode.
U-505 Submarine at the Chicago Science & Industry Museum.
Brayden getting two earfulls.
Abby and Brayden driving the sub, they accomplished their misson.  I, on the other hand, got blown up!

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