Thursday, March 24, 2011

How my baby boy came to be

I just remembered that I promised to tell the story of how Brayden came to be when his birthday rolled around.  His story is much different than Brenna's but still quite miraculous in it's own right. 

So we were in the spring of 2005 and adjusting to our new role as parents.  Brenna was a very pleasant baby.  She slept pretty well, ate well and was very happy.  We were totally in love and in awe of this little person that God had given to us.  I remember telling Jeremy around this time that I would be fine if we never had another, because we couldn't afford to go through the fertility treatments again.  

In early spring I remember getting some really sharp pains in my abdomen, these persisted till I went to my doctor.  He did an X-ray to see what he could find.  He came in with the film and told me that I was full of poop!  I told him that I didn't need a medical professional to tell me that, people have been telling me that my whole life!  He wanted to some tests to see what was going on.  I was having normal post partum symptoms; tired, losing hair and full of poop.  Every single little symptom I had was in the "What to expect" books on things that happen in that first 6 months after having a baby.  So I wasn't expecting the results the doc gave me at the next visit.  He walked in and looked at me and said "I would have never guessed by looking at you but you but you have Hypothyroidism."  He went on to check my reflexes, which were non-existant, this is also a clinical sign.  He then told me the normal levels for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is between 0.3-3.0, mine was at 136. Crazy high in other words.  This is where it gets confusing.  Hypothyroidism is where your thyroid is not functioning correctly and not putting out enough thyroid hormone.  TSH is high because it is trying to stimulate the thyroid to work.  He did some more test to tell my the cause of my hypothyroidism.  The diagnosis was Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease that ends up distroying the thyroid.  This can be hereditary, and all my aunts and grandmother on my paternal side have thyroid problems.  They were never diagnosed with Hashimoto's but I wouldn't doubt that it was the cause for some.  I have recently found out that my uncle and cousin on the paternal side also have thyroid issues now too.  So please inquire about your family history.  Thyroid problems are fairly easy to manage, I just take one pill a day that gives me the thyroid hormone that my body can no longer make.  But there can be life threatning complications if thyroid disease is not managed. 

Also hypothyroidism is a big cause of infertility.  Not that this information bothered me anyway, we kinda had issues in this area anyway right? So I thought it was odd when I began getting up to pee in the middle of the night.  (My very first sign of pregnancy with Brenna).  I let it go for a week, then told Jeremy, " I know I can't be pregnant but I am having the same symptoms."  He said, "no way", of course.  So while I was at the drugstore one day I picked up a test.  Jeremy couldn't believe that I picked up a test, I mean he was sterile from chemo and radiation, right? This wasn't even a possiblity.  So imagine our surprise when the little strip turned pink for pregnant.  We were in shock.  Disbelief.  No way.  Then realized we needed to call the doctor quick to see if the thyroid medicine would harm a fetus.  He told us no, in fact that it woud be harmful if I didn't have the medicine.  My doctor couldn't believe that I had gotten pregnant, as it would have happened before I had even started thyroid medicine and my thyroid levels very low.

We decided not to tell anyone until the pregnancy was at least 2 months along just in case there were any complications.  Very soon after finding out I was pregnant and trying to get my thyroid regulated I came down with very sore throat and was told by the doc that I had mono.  After doing some research about thyroid disease I found out that it isn't uncommon for people to get mono very near the time they are diagnosed with thyroid problems.  I remember one of the nurses being very empathic.  She said of all the things that make you very tired, early pregnancy, hypothyroidism and mono are the worst and you have all 3 at once.  She could relate as she was a mom and had hypothyroidsm herself.  I was tired, but it didn't keep me from going.  After all I had a 8 month old to chase after.  Brenna was starting to get very mobile at this stage.  The doc and I decided that due to my health complications that it would be best if I stopped nursing, my body was doing enough.  That didn't bother me too much, because I knew I'd have another one very soon.  Nursing was one of my favorite parts of my children's babyhood.  They were both good nursers and I had an easy time with it.  It is such a relaxing bonding experience. 

So you think we were surprised to be pregnant, you should have seen everyone elses faces when we made the announcement. We were at Versailles for our big family campout and decided that while everyone was there, even both sets of grandparents, it would be a good time to tell everyone.  I'll never forget the shock on my parents face.  Remember, we didn't think Jeremy was fertile.  Well, apparently there was at least one good man in there!!  I also remember my sister-in-law's reaction.  She just couldn't comprehend it, she and everyone was astonished.  A free baby, a precious gift from God!  Against MANY odds Brayden made his way to us.  We were surprised too, I mean Brenna was only 6 months old when we got pregnant and almost 8 months when we found out.  They would only be 16 months apart!  

Brayden started to make his way into this world on March 11 2006.  I was in labor at home for 12 hrs, and we drove to the hospital (which was only 25 minutes away this time!) and had him exactly 2 hours later. He popped out started screaming, and showed us his beautiful dimples.  We didn't find out the sex with him so it was exciting to have the doc announce, "It's a BOY!" They laid him on my chest, cord still attached and he promptly peed all over me! 

I gave birth to both with no epidural.  One of the nurses told me later that I was one heck of a woman.  I told her thanks but I just was too scared to have that huge needle in my back.  She said when I was pushing (there may have been some screaming here!) that a woman just coming in to deliver asked if there was a problem in my room.  The nurse said no, she just is having a natural birth with no epidural.  I'm sure that I convinced her to have one!

Having two that close together is like having twins.  There was double diapers for over a year and a half.  Other mom's who had children close together told me it would be very hard at the beginning but got much better, and they were right.  As they have gotten older their being so close in age has helped greatly because they can relate to one another because they are developmentally so similar.  Brenna was so young when he was born that jealousy was never a factor, which was a blessing. 

So there you go, Brayden's story.  I can say I truly have two miracle babies.  They were both very wanted and loved. 

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chisato said...

In it's way, as amazing and wonderful a story as Brenna's! I had actually thought last week that maybe I'd missed it. Thanks for sharing!