Thursday, March 3, 2011

Landscaping...Or Lack Thereof

Nothing. No herbacious plants period. No flowerbeds, no bushes, nothing! I think a house with no landscaping looks naked. Not the good kind of naked either!! Thankfully the yard has quite a bit of nice trees, including several of my favorite trees, Bald Cypress. There is sort of an empty bed between the front of the house and the sidewalk. However this area was covered with plastic sheeting and covered with landscaping stone. I HATE landscaping stone. Have you ever tried to plant anything in a bed of rocks? Pain in the tochas! I prefer mulch, which actually adds some nutrients back to the earth and retains some water. And I think it looks much better. Anyway, my first landscaping chore is to move this stone somewhere else so that this bed is ready to work with. I have been putting it in buckets and carrying it to put around the base of the house in areas where there will be no plantings. Brayden has been helping a lot, although he can only carry 2-3 shovels full of stones in his bucket. It's been a good workout! We aslo need to paint the white front of the house and the black shudders a different color. They really don't match the tan well. Suggestions would be appreciated!

Front of the house, no landscaping. Yes the white stuff is still piles of snow!

We have a deck in the back. We would like to put some lattice around the bottom so all the critters don't decide this is their party deck (Including Gus!). We may include some railing too. Need a good power wash and staining as well. As you can see big fat 0 landscaping here too, minus the nice little tree.

I plan on making the strip between the patio and deck into a bed.

Also plan to have a small bed all the way around the deck.

I won't know what to do will full sun!! Our last home had no full sun and I had to grow all shade plants.

The front of the house is east NE facing so it gets quite a lot of shade. So I'm planning on Rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, hostas, astilbes and hopefully some wildflowers taken romt the woods. I also plan to get a Red Osier Dogwood from the woods. These have beautiful bright red twigs that add lots of winter interest. I will be able to get the hostas for free!

In the back I have a free butterfly bush that I can put in and I would also like some warm season grasses, I will get those for free too! Hostas under the little tree by the deck. I also want to try some Pulmoniaria. I also want to put in a Contorted Hazelnut tree. I don't even know where to start on the full sun plants so many to choose from! I'll probably try to go "native" as much as I can. So consider these the before pictures. I look forward to showing you the "after" pictures although it may take a few years to get all this done and for things to grow large enough to look decent!

Contorted Hazelnut branches.

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