Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Home & Spring To Do List

The flower bed I put in last week.  We scored some free plants to get it started.  Bleeding hearts shown here, many more plants to come!

There is always lots to do outdoors and indoors in the spring.  But there is even more when you have just moved into a house.  Here is a partial list of the things we need to get done with the house and yard.  It may be 3 years before we get everything crossed off, but at least we have goals, right?!

- Make drapes for entry/craft/computer room
- Make drapes for living room
- Paint entry room
- Paint Brayden's room
- Paint Brenna's room
- Paint our room
- Paint white portion exterior and shudders
- Paint Basement
- Paint shelf from basement for entryway
- Repair & paint celings where new light fixtures were hung
- Put in new storm doors (3)  2-done! 2/3 of the way there
- Put in new back door leading to deck
- Put in new entryway door
- New faucets for kid's sinks
- New track lights for living room.
- Power wash and stain deck
- Put lattice on bottom of deck
- Make playhouse for kids
Establish & plant veggie garden
- Establish & plant flower garden around deck
- Remove rock and clay from front flower bed
- Plant front flower bed
- Paint basement
- Fix drywall in basement
- Install new windows
- Install new gutters
- Get more gravel for the driveway

But when the rain stops my #1 priority is to hang the hammock, because with all the work we need to do, we will need a place to take a short rest between jobs!! 
Enjoy spring!!!

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