Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break Part II, Tennessee

We spent the second half of our spring break at my brother's, south of Nashville, TN.  Since my niece & nephew's spring break was the week before we had two days to fill while they were at work and school.  Anyone wanna venture a guess what we did???    HIKE of course!!

Henry Horton State Park, right on the Duck River.  Most biologically diverse river in the nation! The kids were hopping around on all these cool rocks and we saw a black vulture walking away from us slowly.  I told the kids that it was probably nesting nearby since they are ground nesters.  Sure enough Brenna found these.
Black vulture eggs!
Stillhouse Hollow Falls (Isn't that a great name?!) 
75 feet tall
When my bro got home we took a hike at this natural area near his house.
Jacob, Brenna, Anna & Brayden with the prickly pear cactus that grows native in these very dry cedar glade habitats that are common is this area of TN.
Old abandoned home, we found a rare wood, or pack rat hiding under an old door here.  He was the cutest rat ever (and I'm not a rat fan!). 
Then my husband spotted some cool old bottles under the house and stuck his hand under there to grab them and very nearly grabbed this juvenile timber rattlesnake!  That was close!!
My only sibling,  James.
I discovered the reason that this place is called Cheeks Bend. My husbands butt cheeks were bending when he saw how close the kids were walking to the edge of the bluff!
Loved this view from the bluffs, a huge field of native grasses.

Prickly Pear on the edge of the bluff.

We had a great time and weren't ready to come home!  It was nice to get a vacation and  time with family and friends!

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chisato said...

Just seems like something is wrong with a pic of cactus in the woods! Looks like a beautiful place, will have to check that out someday.