Monday, April 18, 2011

Thrifting Fun

Well thrifting season has begun.  And this year I will have a "new" partner to go with me, my hubby.  With the new job he will work only a few weekend so will be able to go with me.  I have already scored several good finds, a 50 cent pair of Gap capri's for me as well as a $1 pair of docker pants.  He was a bit skeptical until he found a booth with a BUNCH of tools, then he was sold.  He found several hard to find and useful tools for only $2 in all. At our town's city garage sale held at the fairgrounds on Saturday I scored this.  I LOVE it!!

It's a piece of stained glass, used as a window valance, only $10! 

A lady who is a stained glass artist gets these pieces from the glass factory, she said that this is how they roll out of the press, hence the irregular bottom shape.  I plan on getting more of these from her when she has more of them.  She also suggested putting some decorative beads on the hanging wire to dress it up a bit.  Can't wait to see what other treasures I'll find this year!

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Brook said...

Apparently I missed some of your posts until now. I have too many blogs in my reader and need to weed out some so I don't miss stuff! I'm glad J is getting into thrift stores. Much more fun to have a partner to get excited with when you make a great find. That is a cool stained glass thing. Reminds me of a thunder cloud rolling in.