Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beauty is Everywhere (Just have to look harder sometimes!)

The #1 question we get from people when we tell them we moved here from Nashville, IN, which is regarded by many as the most beautiful area in the state, is "Why would you move from Brown Co. to here???!".  I must say I that I have felt those feelings too, especially before we moved here.  But I believe that beauty is everywhere although it may be harder to find in some places, sometimes you just have to look at things a different way. When we moved here in February in the middle of one of the worst winters this part of the state had seen it was difficult to see the beauty, especially after months of seeing white.  But I enjoyed seeing the beautiful barns and large lone trees in the middle of farm fields.  As the weather has warmed and we have been able to get out and explore we have found things we just didn't expect to see here in NE Indiana.
Hanging Rock over the Wabash River near Wabash, IN. 
Jeremy's Dad taking pictures of the kiddos on the top of Hanging Rock.
Dewey (what the kids call their Grandma) and Sammy with B & B.
View to the north of Hanging Rock.
 Descending to the river under Hanging Rock.
Looking upstream.
Brenna next to one of the big rocks that has fallen off of Hanging Rock.
Nearby at Salamonie State Forest, couldn't believe how many waterfalls there were, and it's only about 20 minutes away from our house.  

Kids playing in the Salamonie River just below the dam. 

Hope to be able to find many other beautiful places here in Northern Indiana to share with you this summer!

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Gene and Annie said...

I totally agree!! I think there is beauty in all places!! So glad you are enjoying it up there! Miss you guys!