Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Small Things That Make Me Happy

My kids playing in dirt, barefoot....classic fun kid stuff.  Also love how well they are getting along lately.  Nothing is better to a mom than sibling harmony.
Brenna baiting her own hook! 
                                       Brayden fishing at the fishing derby held at Dad's work. 
Brenna with a fish at the fishing derby.
Visits from friends, Lake and her mom, Wendy came to see us last week.  The kids had a blast swimming, climbing, running, catching lighting bugs, sparklers and of course, eating!!
Lake brushing her teeth through the Nascar helmet! 
Brenna's watercolor painting of Harry Potter, really good!  They are super obsessed with HP right now.  They play it all day.  They even do Engish accents, it cracks me up!
Brayden catching a 7 lb drum on his brand new fishing pole he won at the fishing derby last week!
                                                   My cool estate sale / garage sale finds.
This is the best purchase I've made all year a small hummingbird feeder that suctions to our dining room window, we all enjoy watching the hummers eat while we are eating!  Yesterday Brayden said, "I wish those hummingbirds wouldn't fight.  They should just wait in line!"  Give peace a chance!!

Got border and mulch around my garden around the back deck. 

This super cool petunia my friend Wendy gave me.  The name of the variety is Pretty Much Picasso.

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