Thursday, July 28, 2011

Celebrate or Cry?

Just 2 Weeks till Kindergarten!!!

This really cool guy is heading to Kindergarten in 2 short weeks. My youngest is heading to school.  I'm not sure if I'll cry or celebrate, I suspect a little of both will occur.  We just found out yesterday that he will have the same teacher that Brenna had last year, so we were very excited.  She is a wonderful teacher and already knows us so that makes the transition easier for all us us I think.  I am excited/concerned to see what changes school will bring to my child.  All the changes that school brought Brenna were very positive so, hopefully it will be the same with Brayden.  He is SUPER talkative, especially to adults, so hopefully he can control himself and not blab all through school. He is also very sensitive and I really hope that doesn't make him a bully target.  He also hates writing and coloring, so he's gonna have to get over it!! He is already a great reader, so that will be really helpful. I have spent so much time with him this year with Brenna off at school, he is such a sweet and funny kid and I will miss him a lot!!!

However don't think I'm not looking forward to and planning my much anticipated and expansive alone time.  It has been almost 7 years since I had my first child and this will be the most time I've had to myself since then.  The list is already being constructed.  You know, the kids-are-at-school-and-you-have-hours-of-uninterrupted-time-to-do-whatever-the-hell-you-want list. And no, eating, bon-bons (whatever the hell those are) is not on there.  Wanna peek at the beginnings of it??  I think there is a bit much work on the list and I may need to add some play items, suggestions are welcome! 

- paint bedrooms and bathroom
- make curtains for entry way room
- make curtains for living room
- make a quilted table runner
- start making Christmas presents early
- paint shutters
- finish front landscaping
- volunteer at school
- volunteer at Acres (a local land trust organization)
- paint basement
- learn more about my camera
- print and organize pictures
- organize and declutter whole house
- maybe start an etsy/online store to sell homemade items?

I'm also looking forward to a little recreation browsing/shopping.  I'm not a big spender or buyer, but I do enjoy looking and getting ideas at different stores and shops.  My boy however is very anti-shopping (except at the local Hallmark store, where there is a really nice Thomas the Train set for him to play with!) so I have done as little as possible to get us by since moving here.  It will be nice to get up to Ft. Wayne and explore the many stores up there without someone constantly whining, "When can we go HOME???"  I also am just looking forward to having some complete and uninterrupted thoughts and devotional/meditation time. 

So a new phase of our family life begins, the school years. I know it will bring many changes, fun, challenges and friends and for that we are very grateful!

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