Saturday, July 2, 2011

A day in the life

I am currently reading 3 books (confirmation of my inherent nerdiness), not just have three on my night-stand, but actually reading all three.  I don't normally do that but they are all so good.  One is the Amish Cook and is comprised of "columns", they almost read like blog posts, from an amish woman and her daughter.  There are recipes as well.  One of the column formats that readers liked best is a "diary" where the breakdown of daily activies and times is given.  So I'm gonna bore you to tears with my day yesterday.  (I don't think it's boring, but hey, it's my life and I love it!)

6ish- Hubby's alarm goes off.
6:25- slowly rouse
6:35- Grab myself some blueberry scones for breakfast, that I made yesterday am.  Eat with hubby before he heads out the door to work. 
6:45- Quick check of email and Facebook and blog feed.  Check out "Flower Patch Farm Girl" blog to get ingredients for the "lava lamps" I want to make with the kids.
7:00-7:30 do Classical Stretch workout on PBS
7:30- Enter my very small number of hours for work.  Work is slow right now, miss the $ but love having lots of time to chill with my kiddos!
7:40- Brayden wakes up, mom steals snuggles and tells him (yet again) that he may not go to school in August to which he says "I HAVE TO!!". 
7:45- Brenna wakes up, get breakfast of scones and cereal ready for them and go get myself ready for the day, I have a lot of cleaning up to do after being gone for a week and having new windows installed in the whole house!  They are beautiful!!
8:00- Pick lettuce and admire my garden babies, baby squash, beans, peppers and tomatos coming on.  Wash and chill lettuce.
8:15- Brenna is feeding Gus by "hide and seek"  I ask her if she wants me to do that with her lunch when she is really hungry?!  Come in and begin to clean, straighten and organize. 
9:00- get kids to help me go through their toys and reorganize and donate some. 
9:45- wash dishes, sweep and mop all floors
10:45- Let floor dry and read two of the books I'm currently reading. 
11:20- clean bathrooms
12:00- Prepare, eat and clean up lunch and read newspaper
1:00- vacum all floors and dream of a nap
1:20- try to nap, hubby calls then and dumb credit card automated caller (I have no credit cards people when are you gonna get the memo???)  Give up on nap.  No one ever calls any other time except when I try to take a nap, which is really maybe couple times a month. 
2:00- laundry
2:30- upload photos from vacation and read while waiting (connection here is painfully slow)
4:00- hubby arrives from work and drops me at library branch while he and kids feed his boss's dogs while he is away.  I finish uploading and read some more and browse the library.
5:30- Arrive home and prepare supper, eat and clean up.
7:15- water my babies (flowers), let Gus roam around in the yard.
7:45-9ish- get kids ready for bed and lay with them.
915: Watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix.  We are rewatching all the movies before the last one comes out and I am currently reading the 4th book "Goblet of Fire".  That is my summer reading project this year. 
11:30- Shower and head to bed.

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