Friday, July 1, 2011

Lake Cumberland, Ky

My parents have a semipermanent campsite down near Lake Cumberland in Ky near Albany KY.  They spend about 4 weeks a year there camping and fishing.  We headed down for 4 days or so over the weekend and I just thought I'd share a few pictures from that outing.  We also found out that our very good friends Brook, Corey and Lilly were going to be in the area as well for their family vacation so we were able to spend time with them for the first time since moving in February. 

Creek upstream of 76 falls.
The kids, Jeremy and my dad looking at this....
beautiful, 76 falls
My babies are getting too big!

We met Brook and Cory at the Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery as they were heading to Dale Hollow Lake for thier family's vacation. 
Lily checking out the trout. 
Later that day we headed to B & C's cabin to hang with the family.  We were taking a walk down to the marina here after an awesome meal of corn on the cob, steak and baked potatoes!  Don't mind Brook here, she likes to touch herself!
Brenna's first trout catch!
Brayden's too, he's trying not to drop this slimy little guy!
We stopped by the Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park. 
Here is the sinking spring next to his birthplace.  It was nice and cool down here.  We imagined him spending some time here. 

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