Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer speeding by

Hey there, it's been awhile!  It has been a very busy and fun summer.  We have been going somewhere different every weekend.  Loving the hubby having weekends off! 

We have visited with friends who were having a family gathering at a lake cottage on Lake Webster.  Mandy converted me to hoopism while we where there!  I was sore around the middle the next day, but it sure was fun.  Also had a great time swimming at the lake, oddly I didn't take a pic of the lake!

B & B were happy to visit with their old friends from Brown County. Brayden kept telling them he loved them.  He's pretty sweet like that!
There was some mad crazy hoopin' goin' on there!!

The next weekend we went to Dunes State Park with Jeremy's sister, husband and kiddos, which was beautiful. We had a great trip! I forgot my camera and am still miffed, I can just imagine the great pics of the kids at the beach and the dunes playing in the merom grass.  {Sigh}  Oh well....

Last weekend I left the camera at home on pupose as Jeremy and I joined his sister and her husband for an adult only camping trip to Turkey Run State Park. (Believe me, that don't happen often!!) We did the 15 mile canoe ride down Sugar Creek.  It had been about 8 or 9 years since we had done that last.  Such a beautiful place we used to live in that area 8 years and two kids ago (you know, a whole lifetime!). 

Between all that we have been gardening, running to swim practice every weekday for the past two weeks, going to Science Central with friends, summer reading, summer festivals, fireworks, fishing, picnics, I need a nap!

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