Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Take a morning stroll with me

Take a morning stroll with me around my yard.  I like to check the garden everyday (usually more than once!) Here are my birdhouse gourds, they are going crazy!
This picture is kinda shady, but this is my veggie garden.  Gets great sun in the mid-day.
Tiger lilys blooming in the woods right next to the yard.
Burgundy Lobelia cardinalis
Onothera (Primrose)
Thread leaf Coreopsis
White Asiatic Lily
My kiddos picking black raspberries in the edge of the woods.
Love the tendrils on the cucurb species
Fish pepper. I love the varigation!  It is supposed to be a very hot pepper that has a smoky fish type flavor.  It's our first time growing it so I'll let you know how it turns out!
Zephr yellow squash
Rosa satigra with a honey bee in the egde of the woods.  I don't know how that bee could fly it had so much pollen on it's legs!

Another pic of the wild rose.
Poppy I planted next to the dog kennel to make it look a little more inviting.
B & B with the raspberries they picked.  Brayden has to force himself to smile for the camera!

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