Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time stand still

Yesterday was one of those rare days where the joy of the household was as impenatable as the July sunshine.  It was just an ordinary day, yet it was extraordinary.  These are the days when I wish time would stand still and I could revel in the pure joy and innocence of my little ones, the lush fruitfulness of my garden the many blessings all around.  God is so good.  The weather has returned to a tolerable state, last week was so hot and humid that you would literally wilt as you walked outdoors.  The new week brought somewhat cooler temperatures and less humidity, in a word, relief!

Brenna and Brayden made a "river" in the driveway with the sidewalk chalk.  They got along great all day. 

Love seeing the honey and bumble bees on the sunflowers planted in the veggie garden. 
The cucurb family (melons, gourds, squash, cucs) are taking over my garden!
The work ahead of me.  Many tomatos coming!  Hello salsa and pasta sauce!
The watermelons are trying to bulldoze the fence over!
More pics of the cucurb vines...with my lovelies in the background.
So happy to finally grow some sunflowers! 
Brenna trying to get at the blueberry pie! 

We just all enjoyed one another yesterday.  We even had to go to the store to pick up some school clothes (my kids loathe shopping, I'm not a huge fan) and the kids were so good in the store. Shopping with kids is usually quite a chore. Plus I found jeans for Brayden for $2.99.....SCORE! We came home and the kids played in the sprinkler then ran inside for ice cream. Can it get any better than this??

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