Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brayden Starts Kindergarten!

My baby started school this week.  I homeschooled both children for preschool, so I expected it to be quite a transistion for him.  It wasn't.  He took to it like a fish to water.  Loved every minute.
It's Brenna's second year of school, she started 1st grade, hence the "1" finger.  We expected her to do just fine since she loves school and everything involved.  But she didn't do great, she cried, she didn't eat breakfast, she didn't listen for almost every morning this week.  Yesterday she decided she was done and was much better.  She had a little "start of school and leaving mom" separation anxiety.  She also said she missed Kindergarten, her old teacher and her brother.  She even did the full toddler clinging to my leg thing on Wednesday and the teacher had to pull her off.  After that I made her walk in from the car.  So this week has been really easy for Brayden but hard on the rest of us as we were worring about our girl.  I'm sure she was fine within 5 minutes of us leaving but we were worried all day. 
Brayden squirming and squealing in his seat as he sees the school on the first day.
Dad walking our babies into that big school.
Brayden in front of his classroom.  There is only one name repeat in his class, Brayden, same spelling and everything.  What are the odds??
Funny thing Brayden said last night, "They laughed at my butt when I was going pee!"  Jeremy decided it's time to teach Brayden how to pee without droppin' is drawers!  Brayden says everyone in the class are his friends and his two best friends are Eva and Jett.  He says Mrs. Paff is the best and nicest teacher in the world.  She's the same teacher Brenna had for Kindergarten when we moved here.  We were thrilled to get her again.  I didn't have to leave my baby with a stranger!  Brenna got the teacher she wanted as well and is enjoying school once she calms down.  She is doing homework right now with her Dad and exclaimed, "I love doing homework!"  We'll see how long that lasts! 

 We were also ready for school to get back in session.  We ran all over the place this summer and seemed to be only home a few days at a time in July and early August.  It will be nice to be back on a schedule again! 

 I will try to post a summer overview with some pictures as I was way to busy to do that while the kids where both home.  I left the camera at home on many trips, both intentional and not so there may be spotty photographic documentations.  But there is no doubt we had a great summer!

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