Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dinosaur Eggs @ Fox Island

On labor day we refrained from laboring and headed to explore a nearby park that we hadn't yet visited.  Fox Island Park is part of the Allen Co. Indiana park system.   It is the largest contigous forest in that county, which is the county that city Ft. Wayne calls home.  There are also a lot of wetlands here. 
It had a great nature center, complete with a tree house inside!  There was even a kid size nest inside a "cavity". 
We headed out for a hike and of course, Bo, my 3rd child had to come. 
Brayden's Sycamore bib.
The coolest thing we saw on our hike were these Giant Puffball Mushooms, which are edible.  I had never seen these before and it really made our day!

Brayden patting the 'shroomage!

These aren't dinosaur eggs, they are puffballs gone to spore, don't eat them when they are no longer white! (Don't I have a cute husband??!)

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