Thursday, September 1, 2011

Smart Food Movement

Around here I've been doing a lot of this.......

Canned green beans and other goodies from our garden.
These are some tasty kabobs (my favorite meal this summer) that I have been whipping up on a regular basis.  Most veggies straight from the garden and the venison right from our freezer.
We've been enjoying our heirloom tomato harvest.  Orange banana tomatoes on both sides, Roman Candle to the left and Speckled Roman to the right.  These all are very meaty with very little seeds, just right for canning.  Orange Bananas are my favorite this year.  They also peel very easy after a quick blanch. 

This morning's haul.  An entire 5 gallon bucket of tomatoes.  I'd better get to work!

Food.  Our whole world revolves around it.  Yet in making it fast, cheap and easy to get we have lost our connection to it. If we would give thought, money and time to food and producing it the less time and money we spend trying to improve or remedy our health.  It a little thing called preventative maintenance, y'all!  

Our household revolves around food.  Hunting, gardening, gathering, preserving, processing, cooking and enjoying it. It sounds a bit strange but it is part of our spiritual and moral practice. In raising our own garden we both save money not running to the store and we know that people are not being exploited picking and producing our food. We are not polluting the waters and soils with chemicals to produce our food.  We know what is in it and how much effort it takes to take tomatoes to spaghetti sauce (what I am working on this very moment!) so we do our best not to let anything go to waste.

I just called the butcher today to tell him how to process our hog.  This hog was raise by a friend and his children at their home and the butcher is a friend of my husband's dad.  I feel good about this on many levels.  The pig had a good life.  It wasn't squeezed into a factory farm where he was just a meat machine.  The butcher knows us, do you think that he will take more care with is work knowing that his product will feed a family he knows?  We are voting for the local small business when choosing to buy from them. At this moment my husband is out dove hunting.  Yes, enjoys the hunt, but we as a family love the dove meat as well.  It will be particularly good wrapped in bacon from our hog with a jalapeno from our garden!  These animals that we consume that my husband provides for us have lived free lives and didn't live in inhuman conditions.  We try to thank these animals for giving their lives to sustain us, just as the Native Americans did.  We try to waste none of what they provide to us.  Same with the garden. 

A few weeks back our friend told us to come get peaches from his tree.  We froze 13 quarts worth.  The kids ate straight from the tree till their little bellies ached!  Another friend just gave us a bunch of green beans and we canned 24 quarts yesterday.  Free fresh food earned simply by the willingness to work a bit.  This type of lifestyle is not new to me.  I grew up doing these very things as did my parents and their parents and many before them.  I feel connected to all of my ancestors by honoring this way of life, what culture is now calling the "slow" food movement.  Maybe we should rename it the "smart" food movement!  We just call it the good life!! 

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