Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween & Roll Call!

Photo by Brook Rieman

Happy Halloween everyone!  We had a great weekend at a nearby park hanging out with family and attending the great events put on by the friends of the park and campers.  The kids enjoyed the costume contest.  They took 1st & 2nd place in their age division, the second awards they won for these costumes(Johnny Appleseed & Paul Bunyan), they won most original costumes at our friends party a few weeks ago (see above).  The entire campground was then open for trick or treating, so they scored tons of candy, then attended a haunted campsite.  A good time was had by all, although it was quite cold. Brayden especially enjoyed the grass maze that the park had made through the prairie, he is obsessed with mazes right now. 

Also I wanted to do a roll call of sorts.  I write this blog primarily as a way for family and friends to keep up with us.  It also is a memory keeper for our family, I hope to print it to book form at some point.  I see on the stats that I am getting some readers, but I am not getting many comments from you.  I really would appreciate you taking just a few seconds to comment on the blog.  So come out from behind the curtain and say hi!! I would love know who you are, your location and hear what post(s) you've most enjoyed, suggestions for upcoming posts and any questions or general comments.  Thank you! 


Mimi said...

Hey Jen! Mimi here still loving life in Brown County. I love readin your blog; you inspire me to make the things I do occasionaly (sew can, etc) the bigger part of my life that I want them to be. Do me a favor? Check out my web endeavor @

cindy said...

I'm a lurker. Not one to comment much. Check your blog a couple times a week. Always interesting.