Monday, October 3, 2011

Throughly Enjoying....

Roush Lake
:: the bright crispness of the October sky.
:: the nip in the air.
:: the first blush of color on the trees.
:: the still lush green grass.
:: the abundant wildflowers.
:: beginning of comfort food season, hello chilli's, soups, stews and breads!
:: the planning of our handmade holiday gifts.
Wildflowers picked from the fields and pond side near our house, in a blue mason jar with my new corner cabinet in the background.
:: the awesome early Christmas gift my husband picked up for me at a garage sale!!
:: my new (used) elliptical workout machine!!
:: my monkeys climbing all over the workout machine. 
:: my blue canning jars found at garage sales this year.
:: quiet time while kids are at school. 
:: the Halloween costumes my kids have in mind.  (yes, that is a tease!!!)
Izzy is showing herself to be a true beagle.  However she listens pretty well and doesn't bark as much as Gus.  Gus is enjoying the companionship after 11 years with no doggie pal.  We rescued her from the Vet School, which got her from the humane shelter. And she was spayed, current on her shots, and micro chipped for a wonderful price of $0!!!!

:: how well our new dog, Izzy is fitting in.

:: a great visit with my brother, niece and nephew this weekend.
Brenna and Mr. Beasley, mini-dachshund (we all agree that he looks like a mini-blue tick coon hound).
:: their new doggie.  We wanted to dog nap him.

:: Brayden's fascination with cattail seeds.
:: Brenna's love of telling jokes.  (that are not funny at all to anyone but her!)
:: Brayden's current obsession with mazes.  I see a corn maze in our near future!!!

School of fish in the chalk river getting on the school bus.
:: the elaborate chalk rivers my kids have been creating (sometimes with Dad's help) on the front drive and sidewalk.
:: LIFE!!!

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