Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Day in the Life

I did a day in the life post a few months back and I thought I'd to that again.  So here goes...

6:15-6:30- Get up and get dressed
6:30-6:55- Do Classical Stretch workout (I LOVE PBS!!)
6:55- 7:30- Empty dishwasher, cook eggs and toast for breakfast & eat. 
7:30-8:00- change out of workout clothes, put away folded laundry, help kids get ready for school as needed.
8:00 - 8:30- continue to help kids get ready for school, mostly coaching now.  Read book to Brayden.
8:30-8:55- Drive kids to school and drive home.
8:55- 9:00- Start load of laundry and put some in dryer
9-9:30- check email, FB and read new blogs, mutter at ridiculously slow Internet connection.
9:30-12:15- Almost finished Brenna's robe for her birthday and almost completely put together a robe for a niece. 
12:15 - 12:45- eat leftovers at lunch with hubby.
1-2:45- go into town to run a few errands.  I was on the way home and I have yet to change my clock to reflect daylight savings time in my car.  The clock said 3:30 and I freaked out and began to drive really fast as the kids were released early today and would be home at 3:30.  Then I realized, oh.....I still have another hour....RELAX!!
2:45-3:30- Really needed to do some data entry for work today, but don't want to start now, only 45 minutes till kids get here, so I'll just keep sewing! 
3:30 -3:45 Kids home, I look through their folders go outside with them while we let the dogs out to play in the yard.  Izzy squeezes under the fence and runs (hauls ass actually) into the woods. 
3:45-4:15- I run after Izzy calling for her, but she is long gone.  I run back to the yard to have kids put Gus away and stay inside.  I call Jeremy, who should be home soon to tell him to hurry cause we have an escapee.  I then run back out behind the house around the pond when I hear her yipping.  I run into the woods and finally find her but she is all hunt and will not have anything to do with me when I call her.  In fact she deliberately avoids me.  I finally catch her after at least 5 minutes of this and carry her back home. 
4:15-5:30- Since the kids got out of school an hour earlier I wanted to take them to do something fun so I loaded them in the car and we swung by Dairy Queen and got some ice cream then we headed to the playground then came home. 
5:30-6:30- Cooked pork burgers and made homemade oven fries and ate them. 
6:30-8:00- Washed dishes, facilitated kid's showers, helped Brenna with homework and read to her. 
8:00-8:30- Laid with Brenna.  Both kids know that I LOVE to have my hair played with.  They also both have figured out that the longer they play with my hair the longer I will lay with them.  So Brenna was playing my weakness tonight. I enjoy laying with both kids at night, we always have great conversations. 
8:30-9:30- Read and commented on documents for my forestry job. 
9:30-10:15 Blog, check FB, watch Biggest Loser.
10:15-11:00 - Shower, prep for bed. 

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Danielle Combs said...

Hey Jennifer! Just wanted to let you know whenever I see a post on facebook about your blog I always read it! I love feeling connected to your family even though we're not in the same city. Keep up the blogging....maybe I'll start one soon. Love you all, Danielle