Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brenna turns 7!

Brenna had her 7th birthday yesterday.  We  try to do what we call a birthday week, there is too much pressure for a birth "day".  So Jeremy's brothers family was visiting last week from Ohio so we jumped on that opportunity to have a mini-impromptu birthday celebration for Miss Brenna. Jeremy's Mom, youngest sister and her two kiddos joined us for the afternoon.  Here Brenna is with her Aunt Katie, and cousins, Maddie and Jackie petting a guinea pig.

 We took everyone to Science Central, the nearby kids science museum. With a very reasonable membership we can go to any other MANY other simlar museums that are further than 90 miles away.  There is one near my parents that we have taken the kids to before.  This also comes in handy on vacations!  And we were able to get all 6 kids and myself and another adult in for free.  Only two adults had to pay...pretty great deal! 
My adorable niece Sophie, looking up at the small hot air balloon.
   Here is Brenna with Sophie at the water table. 
Here's the story on this one.  You are supposed to put your knees on the carpet line and bend over, with hands behind your back and touch the button with your nose (really sanitary!).  Then have everyone with you do this.  We were a bit confounded, we though that everyone would be able do it, so what was the point?  Actually, we found the kids had more trouble than the adults.  As Tara, Jeremy's sister, was getting ready to do it, her 2 year old, Sophie, ran right up there and laid down on the button.  She is a mess!
 Brenna had been saving a trip to her favorite buffet place for her birthday.  This was the perfect time to go!  So we put matches in her ice cream cone and sang to her.  Everyone greatly enjoyed the multi-tiered chocolate fondue fountain!  Brayden kept asking to stick his head under it! Here she is with her beloved Dewey (Jeremy's Mom), my nephew Drew and niece Jackie.
 We would have loved to have a party where more of the family and friends could have attended.  However it is every hunting season imaginable right now, therefore my husband has to work every weekend this month, so this was truly the best we could do, especially at a moment's notice!
 Brenna as we sang to her last night.  I made her this ice cream cake.  She was holding her new Harry Potter legos (our first foray into lego land) that she picked out with the gift card from my brother and his kids. We also ordered some pizza and breadsticks! 
 My die-hard toothless Colts fan, with her much anticipated and asked for Colts helmet. Lets face it, if you are still a Colts fan right now, you are die-hard!
 Brenna on the phone with her Mamaw (my Mom) last night in the robe I made her (per her request) coloring with the new crayons and paper Jeremy's boss & his wife gave her.  Jeremy also made her the bookcase in the background a couple of weeks ago.  I also have a photo book that I made coming in the mail soon.  It is of her and her favorite stuffed toy, "Bo".  I plan to blog about their special "relationship" soon. 

The birthday girl also took in mini cupcakes to her classmates to celebrate her big day.  She also when out for breakfast with Dad and Brother (while I stayed home sick with a tummy bug!) Brenna also got several Magic Tree House and Harry Potter book from both her Aunt Katie & Uncle AJ, another Harry Potter book from dear Penny.  Candy, chocolate chapstick, money, cards, shirts, activity books, a Color wonder puzzle from Dewey & Happ (grandparents), Aunt Tara & Family among others. And several people also gave Brayden maze books on this occasion too, as he is very obsessed with that right now! Everyone was so generous and kind to our girl and boy, thank you all.  She told me this morning that it was "the best birthday ever!!"

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