Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Roller Coaster That is Parenting

Yesterday was both a doozy and great at the same time.  I was looking forward to a laid back Saturday with my kids, Jeremy is working every weekend this month.  We were going to hit the library after dropping off our Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes.  While these things did get done, it wasn't nearly as easy as that.  Our boxes were mostly packed.  However I like the kids to pick a few gently used items of theirs to give to these children.  Outgrown clothing, matchbox cars and stuffed animals was all I was asking, you would have thought I was asking one child to donate their liver (no names to protect the stubborn).  The other child, easy going and compliant had no problem with this and found things in no time.  The other, well, LOVED everything so much that they couldn't bear to part with it.  Even if they had outgrown it and knew it would be given away soon anyway, couldn't even find one stuffed animal out of probably 50 part with.  Let's just say that this behavior put me through the roof with anger.  Fury, rage.  This was partially fueled by the fact that this particular child had given us flack the two previous days about unrelated issues.  Mostly I was just disappointed that my child was so selfish.  So, I had a thought, sit them down to watch the video about this charity and they will see the great needs of these children....that'll do the trick.   NOT!  So, after a series of room banishments and chores, and Mom screaming like I maniac (not proud of it, but it's life) said child did apologize and finally picked an acceptable toy to give.   Not 5 minutes after this the child asks to me to teach them to sew....totally out of the blue.   I have not even attempted to push my craft onto the kids, but I do sew in front of them a lot and have made them lots of things.  The child told me, "I've been watching you, and it looks like a lot of fun."  Having a new machine that I don't have to curse at probably helps it look more like fun!  So I began to show the child how to hand sew and they wanted to make a little pillow.  I was so proud to see them so interested in learning and so excited as they were doing it.  The pillow was completed for the favorite stuffed animal and another sewing lesson has already been requested.  I have asked that all requests be put on hold until after Christmas....I'm booked!!

This is just a microcosm of day to day parenting.  There are fast ups and downs and lots and lots of puke!! One minute you are enjoying a wonderful family outing, the next you are in the emergency room.  One day everything is going as planned, the next is total chaos.  One minuted the whole family is grumpy and out of sync, the next you are all laughing and enjoying one another.  Really the whole ride is just crazy, mind numbing and wonderful.  I wouldn't change it for anything, but I would really love a free one day pass to anywhere but here sometimes, but I'd always come back home. Mostly as parents we just have to keep it loose and expect the unexpected!  Parenting blessings to you....your gonna need them!

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