Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 Christmas Letter

Our tree from outside.

Dear Friends & Family,

The theme for our year has been "transitions".  Jeremy accepted a position at a fish & wildlife area in January and we moved to NE Indiana.  He is enjoying the new job and is happy to be using his wildlife biology degree again.  This of course meant that Brenna had to change schools in the middle of her Kindergarten year.  She had a little trouble adjusting, but she settled in and enjoyed her new school and teacher.  Brayden continued preschool at home and learned to read quite well. 

Brayden started Kindergarten in the fall and Brenna started 1st grade.  Brayden absolutely loves school and is soaking it all in like a sponge.  Brenna took about a week to adjust to being a big first grader, but now loves it and is doing great in school, especially reading and spelling.  I still have my forestry job however my field work had been cut back significantly due to my location (most state forests are in Southern IN).  This allowed me to have lots of time with my kiddos during the summer, so I didn't mind.  I've also been able to help out with some events and field trips of Brayden's and that has been a joy. 

There were many home improvement projects on the house this year.  We have put in the new windows, gutters, some doors and painted some rooms (many more to go).  We undertook a lot of outdoor improvements as well.  There was zero landscaping here, and you know that didn't work for me!!  We also turned under the sod and put in a vegetable garden.  The garden was quite productive  and we canned and froze more than ever this year.  We also had friends give us quite a lot of fruit and veggies from their gardens, so that added to the bounty as well.  We didn't tap trees for syrup this year as we had just moved but, we plan to do it this coming year. 

We also got a new dog this year.  Gus, our 11 year old beagle is getting a little geriatric, so we thought it was time to get another rabbit dog soon so that Jeremy isn't without a hunting dog.  We got Izzy in September from a vet school that had gotten her from a local shelter.  She is definitely all beagle and Gus is enjoying having a companion after all these years. 

While we do miss our friends in Brown County, the beauty and ambiance of that areas, we are settling in well here and are finding lots of neat places and people here as well.  I hope I can adjust to the Northern IN winters!!  I guess it will give me lots of time to catch up on sewing and reading! We wish the best for you during the holidays and year to come.  May you see beauty and feel joy wherever you are. 

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