Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Crawdad

When the kids got home from school yesterday I decided we should go check out the pond that is behind the house.  I had not been back there since it had frozen over.  I was glad I remembered my camera as I was able to capture this sunset.  As I was capturing this, the kids began to call for me so I went over to check out what they were so excited about. 

Brenna said "Mom, a lobster!"  No, actually it's a crayfish also known as a crawdad.  But what the heck is he doing on the ice? Shouldn't you be buried in the mud somewhere mister??  He was moving, albeit VERY slowly.  We tried to get a stick to rake him to us so we could put him back in the water (not that there were many open spots), but he was too far out.  This somewhat distressed the kids, who wanted to save him.  I told them we just needed to let nature take it's course.  This guy would be a great meal for a raccoon. 
I began looking to see if I could find any other crayfish crawling on the ice and we found this unfortunate fellow.  Crayfish do not hibernate or become dormant in the winter.  They move to deeper water do avoid freeze outs (like we see here) but become much less active. 

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