Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inside Jobs

Brayden helping Dad put in a new shower fixtures. He is Daddy's shadow lately.   

If you live in a temperate climate as I do, you find that this month and next are the best times to do inside jobs.  The holiday bustle is over and now there is time to catch up on many projects and hobbies that have gotten pushed under the proverbial bed.  So I thought I'd share what is going on inside here. 

-This is the time of year when I read more that usual, so far I have read "The Help", "Water for Elephants" and then watched the movies.  I had to read the books first!  Greatly enjoyed both books and movies.  Currently reading "Traveling with Pomegranates" by: Sue Monk Kidd (She wrote "The Secret Life of Bees") Plan on rereading "7 Habits of Highly Effective Families" soon.  Also catching up on magazine reading too. 

- Sewing for home, I have made two sets of curtains, and am about to make a robe for myself (GASP!!) which never happens.  My parents gave me a JoAnn's gift card for Christmas so I was able to get the fabric and pattern with it.  Otherwise it would have been much more economical to just buy one, although not near as much fun that way.  Need to make myself some more flannel hankies, cotton napkins and various other projects. 

- Purging / reorganizing.  Got two bags full of clothes to give to Goodwill.  My closet looks so much better.  Need to do the same in every closet & cabinet in the house. 

- Planning some redecoration.  Redoing the kids bathroom soon, new paint, vanity, lights, faucets, I'm making a shower curtain.  Dragonfly theme. 

-Need to pick colors for Brayden and our bedrooms.  Hope to get all these things painted before garden planting time. 

- Speaking of garden, I finally made a garden journal with pictures and variety preferences.  Have been browsing seed catalogs and will order seeds in Feb. 

- Thinking about a family birthday party for Brayden who will turn 6! in March. 

I really don't mind this time of year (ok, check back around the end of Feb, I may be whining by then).  There are so many indoor jobs that need to be done that are really pushed aside until this time of year.  I like cozying up, catching up on some reading and watching a little more TV & movies than any other time of year.  What are you doing this winter?

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