Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fabric & Friends.....the fabric store I talk to everyone about!

It's official....I'm obsessed with this fabric store.  It is a little less than 10 miles from home, has more fabric than the law should allow, holds classes, and monthly sales with free (fantastic) food.  What's not to love??  So I thought I'd share some pictures from last week's trip. 
The store is housed in an large turn of the century home. 
Love this sunburst with the date of original construction!
They have a huge selection of batiks.  This is just a hallway, but is filled from floor to ceiling with bolts of fabric.  Every room has multiple finished or unfinished quilts hanging up for inspiration. 
There are eleven rooms (I count the two halls too, because they are packed with fabric too) like this one, filled from top to bottom with fabric and many also have islands in the center of the room with more fabric!!  It is seriously a sight to behold.  They always have new inventory coming in but keep lots of popular fabrics on hand.  There are two rooms with cutting areas. It does get a bit tight in the store during the sale weekends, but it is all good fun as we are all having such a good time.  They even have a clearance room!

They also carry a large variety of notions, patterns, batting, even some dyed wool for needle felting. I so enjoy just being there.  I love seeing people carring around half finished projects.  You can feel the excitement and creative energy throughout.The amazing thing is that it is only been open since November of 2010. 

 I think of podcast I listened to recently that talked about how others can't be who they are supposed to be until we become who we are supposed to be.  I think of the lady who started this shop.  I'm sure it was a big risk to start a fabric shop in a tiny town in the middle of a deep recession.  But she followed her dream and in turn is helping others fulfill theirs.  How much fun and creativity has been brought to so many with this quilt shop!

I was finally able to get my friend to come with me last weekend.  She had been looking for a specific fabric for her daughter's bed room.  Of course they had it!  She was so excited to find it and get started making things...I could see the wheels turning in her head.  In fact we made plans to meet back there on Friday. The lady that cut her fabric pointed her to this quilt, which is using the pink version of the fabric (her's was periwinkle and much prettier I think!)  So I have created another addict!! Ha Ha!!


Jennifer said...

For full disclosure...No one is paying me to rave about this shop...I just love it!

Unknown said...

Oh, I am so jealous! Bloomington had a store like this but it's closed now. I love the batik fabrics...I hand pieced and quilted a quilt for our bed out of them. So happy for you!

Brook said...

I loved that place as soon as I walked through the doors. You are a lucky duck to live so close!