Thursday, March 1, 2012

Excuse me while I brag on my friend

I have talked about my very talented and wonderful (not to mention, fun, energetic and  kind) friend Brook. (Her logo is on my blog sidebar) You've seen her pictures on my blog many times, because she is my stalker......  But, when your stalker takes pictures that make you and your family look this good, you slowly befriend them.  Actually, our hubbies are besties (pretty sure they would both gag at that assessment) and we in turn, have become very close as well. It has become a yearly ritual for Brook to photograph our family.  Here is a progression of pictures.

April 2008.  We didn't dress for this shoot, she just ambushed us in her yard!  This is Brayden's hair before his first hair cut!  I love it! 
October 2009, Overlook behind our house in Brown Co.
October 2009, Another overlook in Brown Co. State Park
October 2010, Overlook @ Brown Co. State Park.
October 2011, Lake Monroe near Bloomington, IN
October 2011, Lake Monroe.
Thanks Brook for being the official photographer of our family, we appreciate it so much and will treasure these pictures all our lives. 

Brook has also been chosen to participate in a workshop with renowned photographer Bambi Cantrell, congrats Brook!

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