Sunday, March 25, 2012

Four Corners Apron

We are heading south to visit with my family for spring break next week. My mom's birthday was in Feburary and I, being a terrible daughter, didn't get her a card or present.  I did call her multiple times that day, so I guess I'm not too terrible.  So I asked her if there was anything that she'd like me to make for her and she requested an apron.  Perfect, I thought.  I had just recieved an apron pattern in the mail from a lady that I had met recently. The pattern is from Vanilla House Designs.  I got it done with a week to spare!  Now I need to finish Brayden's birthday quilt.
I used Daisy Chain fabric from designer Amy Butler. 

The pocket detail.
I thought this vintage button was a nice finishing touch!

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MotherOF5 said...

wonderful job! Are these hard to make? I just bought the pattern online, and I will be attempting to make some aprons. Hopefully, mine will look as great as yours!!