Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Brayden!

Brayden and Flat Stanley looking out the train window on our way to Chicago.
Our sweet boy turned 6 years old on Monday. He really is such a joy to us. He is really funny; although I’m not sure he always intends to be.  He is very loving and gives hugs a kisses ferociously. He says we should love everyone in the whole world. He had a boy recently that was bothering him and he said that he loved him even if he was being mean to him.  He is tenderhearted and can get upset pretty easily.  He still loves trains and most boy things, cars, bugs, maps, blocks, numbers, mud and fishing.  He is a very optimistic child for the most part.  We do something called “Roses and Thorns” at night before bed, where we talk about the good and bad parts of our day.  He rarely has any thorns, even if something went wrong during the day, he seems to let it go and forget about it. He likes playing with other kids but is just as happy playing alone. We are so happy to be part of his life. 
To celebrate his birthday we decided to do another birthday adventure like we did last year.  We took the South Shore train from Michigan City, IN to Chicago.  This year we went to the Field Museum.  The kids have been interested in dinosaurs so I thought they’d like to meet Sue.  Jeremy’s sisters and their families attended as well.  It was a beautiful day in Chicago, wish we could have stayed longer, but trains don’t wait! 
Brayden, Brenna, Sophie & Flat hanging out with Sue.
Checkin' out the mummies that lie below in the pyramid.
Super Daddy & Uncle!
View from the upper level of the Field Museum.
Chicago skyline from Grant Park.
Brayden’s actual birthday was Monday and it was a beautiful day so we had his birthday dinner outside on the deck.  He ordered the same ice cream cake I made for Brenna’s last birthday.  He then opened his presents and cards.  He had a great day.  Jeremy told him to stop growing up so fast and he replied, “Dad, I only grow up one time a year, on my birthday!” 

Brayden gets into his eating!
Brayden loves his Polar Express train bridge. 
I picked up this map panel at the fabric store, it will hang in Brayden's room.

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