Monday, April 23, 2012

Sewing Area Organization: Before & After!

I was so pleased when we moved here that I would have a space dedicated to my sewing and crafting that was upstairs near the living and dining areas.  I have sewed so much more in the last year because of that and the fantabulous quilt shop nearby hasn't hurt either!!  However, due to my many trips to the quilt shop and garage sales I have acquired more sewing materials that I could store in an athsetically pleasing way.  My sewing table typically looks like the picture seen below. 

I have wanted to put 2 shelves above my sewing table to hold my notions, thread and other supplies so that I could see them, access them easily and display them in an eye pleasing way.  My husband had brought home some old cedar fence boards because he knows I love weathered wood and because they were still perfectly useful.  So we finally got some brakets this weekend and he hung the shelves for me.  He also put in two new outdoor lights, started working and started working on the bathroom remodel.  I asked him where the motivation had come from, he said, "Turkey season starts in 3 days!".  So I said, "Oh, I see, you are making up for how little you will be doing around here in the next few weeks! :)  Working at a Fish & Wildlife area he not only turkey hunts but also must work the hunts which requires him to be up pre 4:00 am.....YUCK!  And NO, I do not get up with him, I often don't even know he left....I sleep like the dead.  So without further ado......

Doesn't this look much better?!  Thanks Hubby! 

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