Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Garden Journal

Early cold hardy garden. 

Our early garden is rockin'!  Even with the lack of rain things still look good.  We have been harvesting lettuce and spinach like crazy and giving it away to anyone who will take it.  Lettuce varieties for this year were Buttercrunch and "Freckles" Romain.  Spinach variety is "Space". We planted potatos for the first time this year (We used to grow them when I was a kid, but I've never grown them as an adult.) We chose to grow Blue Potatoes!  They should be fun and they are growing well.  We also have garlic and onions planted.  The peas are "Super Sugar Snap Peas" and "Mammoth Melting Snow Peas".  They have little peas now and should eat the first peas by next week!  Most of theses were planted on March 17th, however the garlic and potatoes were planted later, around mid April.
Sugar Snap and Snow Peas blooming, now if we can keep our large rodent (Brenna) from eating all of them before we get any, we will be doing good!!
Royalty Purple Pod Green Beans coming up well. 
Warm season garden planted the first week of May. 

We planted 1.3 rows of peppers this year and two full rows of tomatos. 

I love the look of the baby summer squash plants. 

I will have lots more to share about the garden, as you probably know!!!

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