Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer's here!!!

Oh.... the much anticipated summer break is upon us.  The kids' last day was Wednesday.  We have had a lot of fun and a lot of chaos/kid drama already.  Yeah!  We are looking forward to some camping (in 90 degree weather) with family this holiday weekend. 
Kids getting off the bus their last day of school. 
They are excited about the contents of their summer fun basket.  The highlight was (obviously) the giant water guns.  Also included was some special snacks, new art supplies and other small water toys.
Kids with the summer fun list we decided on.  Lots of fun in store!!
Well, the door did need to be washed......
Running through the sprinkler in a Colts helmet and Harry Potter broom.  'Cause that is just how we roll here!  

Brenna caught a frog from the pond behind our house! 

Let the fun begin!  Welcome summer!  I will try not to get too neurotic because things are chaotic and the house is a mess.  I will focus on what is important, family!

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