Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dad & Guns

There is a gun range at my husband's work and every year they have a youth shooting event sponsored by several of the local chapters of national conservation groups, such as Ducks Unlimited and Wild Turkey Federation.  The last two years this has been on Father's Day, which I think is quite fitting.  My kids are enjoying shooting bb guns and small .22s so they enjoy it.  Plus they get to be with Dad at work.  Brenna is getting to be quite the shot.  While my parents were here she had my dad helping her with shooting her bb gun.  Brayden is still working on general concepts of aiming and has trouble staying still, but he sure has fun trying. 

Brenna at the bb gun range.  She got a lot of bullseyes! 
Brayden at the bb gun range.
Brenna shooting the youth .22 with Dad.  

Dad instructing Brayden on shooting the .22.
What other job can you shoot guns with your kids while working?? 

I am so enjoying watching my kids learning things from their daddy lately.  They want to know all about fishing and now, shooting.  They have got the bug, especially Brenna.  At the supper time prayer the other night she thanked God for guns!  

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Marfa said...

Sounds like fun!!! My husband was painting a gun for a friend yesterday, pulled weeds and spray painted it gray, brown, tan, green for a camo-finish.