Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Little Summer Sewing

My sewing has sadly subsided this summer.  Up until the week the kids got out of school I had kept up my only New Year's Resolution, to sew every week.  Since they have been off, sewing has been spotty at best. I plan to get back at it after vacation, before the garden goes into full production mode.  I do want to share the few things that I have worked on lately. 

This is the surprise giveaway that I created for my recent contest here on the blog. 
It is an IPod/Phone/GPS cozy. 
Tried out a little of my free-motion quilting skills.  Still building those since taking a class on it in March. 
We recently finished redoing the kids bathroom.  I had extra fabric left over from the shower curtain so I thought I'd use it to refresh some old baby towels and make them into hand towels and washcloths. 
I was happy with the results!
Also, one of my new adirondak chairs!  We have been enjoying those too!

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