Friday, June 15, 2012

My Garden (again!)

Yes, I'm posting about my garden again. It's kinda my life this time of year.  I spend a little time everyday looking and tending to my veggie and flower gardens.  Here is what things looked like this am.  Praying for rain or these plants will be toast when we leave for vacation soon!

Veggie Garden
Potato bloom
Our first year growing potatos, we are growing blue potatoes!  Cannot wait to show them to you!
Looks like we may have finally got a decent onion crop!
Royalty Purple Pod Green Beans ready to bloom. 
Peppers and cucs getting big.  Peppers blooming a lot!  Several little peppers!
Tomatos getting big!!
Baby Hungarian Wax Pepper
First Zuchinni!
This is the tomato (Roman Candle variety) from the last post!  Getting big!  Tomatos have lots of little ones now!
Indigo Rose Cherry Tomato, see how they are turning dark!
Flower Gardens

This one has been trying to bloom all week! Was excited to see it finally opened this am! 
I thought this New England Aster was supposed to bloom in the fall....oh well, I'll take it when I can get it!!
Loving the foliage of this lungwort!

This Asiatic Lilly is just fantastic right now!
New lilly that began blooming this am! 
Morning Glory!  I used to chop these up by the thousands when I worked in the tobacco fields as a child!


MamaWestWind said...

Beautiful! Your garden looks lovely!

here visiting from Small Things. Here's our garden update.

Audrey said...

Wow, I have a little garden envy! Everything looks so great. My yard is smaller so I have three raised beds that are 4' x 8'. Plenty enough for us but I sometimes dream of having a large garden. And that Morning Glory is something to be proud of ~ I think I need to plant some next year in my flower garden! (visiting from Small Things!)

Marfa said...

So beautiful. Your first zucchini is darling. We haven't planted any this year...lots of tomatoes, cilantro, beets, lettuce, however.