Friday, July 20, 2012

Day at the Creek

We love creeks.  However most waterways in this part of the state have been altered by man to convey water away as quickly as possible from farm fields.  Therefore most streams are now straightened, dredged, mudbottomed ditches.  In this land of ditches that is northern Indiana, we were able to find a somewhat pristine creek near our home.  Amazingly it still had flowing water, we are in a major drought here.  We took full advantage of this beautiful place on this hot day. 
 Rock Creek

The swimmin' (& fishin') hole!

 The kids enjoyed catching several small and medium sized small mouth bass, they are fighters!
 Within 5 minutes of the kids getting out of the swimmin' hole, the fish were already biting!
 Brenna is quite pleased with her rock bass catch.
Jeremy saw this little snake carrying a little fish in his mouth, we tried to chase him down and see what he had but he wasn't having it.  He retreated nearby to have his lunch.  He was pretty unconcerned that this large human (me) was watching him eat.  I'm pretty sure he caught a madtom which looks like a miniature catfish.  He had a hard time getting over the spiny pectoral fins, but once he did he was right back in the swimmin hole looking for his next meal! 

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